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Neology’s neoRide™ Application is Enabling Automatic and Manual Collection of Vehicle Movement Data for the Purpose of Applying Road User Charges Based on Distance, Time, Location, and Date of the Vehicle Journey

With the increasing pressures on congestion coupled with the pending electrification of the vehicle fleet that will adversely impact the revenue collected from fuel duty, the neoRide™ solution set is designed to help Road Operators and Department of Finances’ to rebalance the transportation equity while securing future revenues to replace fuel duties. The neoRide™ App, once downloaded and connected to the host system, enables the automatic (or manual) collection of vehicle movement data for the purpose of applying road user charges based on the distance, time, location, and date of the vehicle journey.

The application is being used in a world-first pilot with the Danish Ministry of Finance in order to capture real-world data, which is being used by Sund&Bælt, and DTU (Danish Technical University) to run a wide scale (2000+ user), 18month pilot. This road pricing pilot uses both IOS and Android operating systems with the Back Office solution, coupled with Vehicle Enforcement datasets from Neology ANPR systems went is live now. This active pilot will continue to gather data to share insights with the Danish Ministry of Finance for the entirety of the pilot. The outcome will be a dataset that can inform future road user charging and taxation on Danish roads.

“We are also working on a Road User Charging for solution for Trucks for commercial vehicles in Denmark; we expect to release the solution in 2025,” says Neil Jadhav, Neology Chief Digital Officer and General Manager Mobility Platforms. “We are excited to continue to the journey forward with Sund & Bælt, and bring Road User Charging innovation to interested customers in United States and Latin American countries. In addition to helping improve equity, our goal is to improve sustainability with reduced congestion and reduced carbon emissions in the densely populated metropolitan areas.”

About Neology
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