Bringing the highest level of vehicle detection accuracy in real-time, 24x7x365 where security can’t be compromised

Critical Infrastructure - Border Security and Control

Border Security and Control

Safeguarding border crossings, enabling Border Security Agencies and their officers the capability to make accurate, informed decisions whilst keeping travel and trade flowing

  • Enabling officers to detect and focus on suspect vehicles and their occupants with enhanced vision system capabilities
  • Provides operationally efficient processing of vehicle data to support convoy, cohort and pattern analysis based on historical vehicle movements
  • Increase lane throughput due to speed and accuracy, especially when coupled with pre-selection solutions
  • Enhanced optical performance providing crisp image performance irrespective of weather, lighting or time of day

Tunnel Safety

Helping to ensure tunnel journeys are safe and reliable, despite the harsh environment

  • High availability, mission critical solutions are paramount to safe tunnel operation
  • Vision systems deployed to detect and analyse vehicle classification, Hazardous Goods / Kemler codes as well as License Plate recognition
  • Feature-rich solutions enable data to be captured and used for multiple purposes including journey time analysis, security, safety and road-user notifications
Tunnel access control and emissions

Weigh in Motion (WIM) Enforcement / Bridge security

Detecting overloaded vehicles – preventing road damage, supporting safety and keeping traffic flowing

  • High accuracy WIM solution, seamlessly integrated with the latest vision solutions providing monitoring and enforcement capabilities
  • Operationally efficient provides road operators with the capabilities to detect, filter and enforce those vehicles who are dangerously overloaded on the road network
  • Rich additional data source to support highway management decisions, including tolling, safety and congestion
  • Long lifetime – low impact installation and maintenance requirements to avoid need for expensive gantries