ALPR Mobile

Discrete detection and analysis

Mobile ANPR systems assist on-street officers checking for criminal activity by capturing and analyzing number plates against known databases. This compact, rugged system is IP67 certified and mounts securely below the lightbar for limited visual interference

  • Offers high resolution coverage for a full lane of traffic with up to two concurrent vehicles in the field of view.
  • Instantly checks captured plates against one or more databases of interest to immediately alert officers of hits.
  • Increases spatial awareness for improved officer safety.
  • Enhances proactive, preventative enforcement by enabling more intelligent investigations and data sharing across jurisdictions.
  • Back Office System Software stores all collected data in a central location to support data analysis, data queries and reporting for law enforcement investigations (in accordance with each jurisdiction’s data retention policy).

Typical applications include: stolen vehicles, amber alerts, unregistered vehicles, wanted criminals, parking violations and be on the lookout (BOLO).