Get insights on your data in a second

The central repository for licence plate data along with tools to support data analysis, queries, and reporting

neoGuard™ organizes and archives the vast amount of data that mobile and/or fixed ANPR deployments collect. It allows users to search for suspects using basic parameters such as time, date, and plate number (full or partial). Additionally, investigators tracking or looking for a particular vehicle can search a chosen radius around a known address or map location that may be associated with that number plate

As a cloud hosted SaaS, neoGuard™ is accessible from any where in the world enabling authorities to keep a constant view of their assets and data no matter where they are.  Remote working for operators allows secure access to the neoGuard™ SaaS platform, performing image reviews and processing evidence as required.


  • Administrator defined access levels
  • Seamless sharing of hotlists, reads, and alerts between agencies utilizing BOSS
  • Remote notification via email or text messaging
  • Custom alert sounds/notices can pass to mobile deployments
  • Capable of processing immense hotlists and deploying them wirelessly to mobile devices
  • User-friendly and intuitive interface
  • Available in multiple languages


  • Ease of administration
  • Easy access to large amounts of historical and real-time data
  • Data protection using data encryption
  • Powerful investigative and analysis tool