Low Emission Zones

Prove to support reduction of pollution by 30% powered by the latest AI solutions, empowering rich data-driven decisions

  • Supporting driver choice and behaviour change through rich vehicle detection and recognition solutions
  • Provides powerful data for environment monitoring at City and Regional levels
  • Enables discrete and account based billing, tailored to individuals, residents and local business
  • Addressing one of the most challenging environmental challenges of our generation
  • Modular and scalable to meeting the needs from small towns to the largest mega-cities
  • Scalability combined with resilience through neoGuardtm our back office cloud hosted software solution

Sund & Baelt, the leading Danish transportation and infrastructure operating company, awarded Neology a contract to deliver multiple ANPR Enforcement technologies to solve some of the most pressing traffic related challenges in Denmark.

Based on the CAZaaS™ “Clean Air Zone as a Service” solution, the LEZ  detects and enforces vehicles entering the Low Emission Zones 24 hours per day, 365 days per week.

Using the latest in AI technologies, it provides industry leading performance in detection and recognition, building upon Neology’s decades of experience in the ANPR enforcement and tolling marketplace.

Road User Charging/Congestion Charging

Enriching your city-wide congestion charging system with the latest in license plate and vehicle recognition technologies

  • Flexible for zone, or time based charging schemes
  • Provides inter-operability with your wider Intelligent Traffic Systems and Mobility platform
  • Integrates with existing camera solutions, enriching vehicle recognition capabilities for greater accuracy
  • Operationally efficient – minimises error rates providing direct operational cost savings
  • Scalability combined with resilience through neoGuardtm our back office cloud hosted software solution

A congestion charge is an effective way of controlling both pollution and traffic density within the city.  When combined with a Road User Charging solution, such a scheme can achieve high levels of public acceptance, especially with a modern distance based approach where the customer pays only for the distance travelled at a rate based on the vehicle they drive.

Parking and Access Control

Maximizing security and access control, or optimizing car park revenue collection and enforcement, all with the latest in vehicle recognition to ensure compliance

  • Superb recognition accuracy, using the latest AI solutions to maximise performance, whether for revenue collection or occupancy purposes
  • Ease of integration to existing solutions, including Traffic Monitoring or Car Park Occupancy systems
  • Proven deterrent – high accuracy reduces non-compliance