As traffic volumes constantly rise, sharing road space is increasingly complicated. Achieve your sustainable mobility plan in a safe and efficient manner with our enforcement solutions.

Speed Enforcement Safety Solutions

Automated safety solutions proven to enhance road safety, improve driver compliance and save lives

  • Flexible deployment options to cover your most critical network blackspots
  • Variety of funding mechanisms available, including rental / lease options rather than significant up-front capital expense
  • Internationally proven to reduce serious and fatal crashes by upto 44%
  • Visibility at a glance through neoGuardtm dashboards

Permanent and Temporary Average Speed

Proven to support reduction of speeding by 70% across a range of Highway, Urban and Rural settings

  • UK HOTA approved solution
  • Contagious results amongst motorists – high compliance and behavioural change with superb road safety benefits
  • Public Acceptance of the solutions typically very high due to the fairness of the solution
  • Flexible and able to support the most critical parts of your network whether it is school safety zone, bridges, tunnels or accident black-spots
  • Trusted solution – proven by some of the most stringent type approval bodies globally
  • Assists in sustainable initiatives, including emissions and noise pollution reduction.

Following changes to legislation in the UK (TMA pt6), our solutions help authorities enforce moving traffic offences improving road safety and reducing congestion with the highest detection and accuracy rates 24x7x365.

Bus Lane Enforcement

Helping to deliver a consistent experience – proven to keep the network flowing, reducing journey times, improving passenger experience

  • Superb vehicle detection and recognition accuracy provides highly efficient process and cost-effective outcomes.
  • Real-world experience demonstrates 50%+ increase in average bus speeds in major cities
  • Return on Investment measured within months, not years!
  • Reinforces investment in Rapid Transit Corridors and expansion to Bus Priority networks, ensuring benefits are realised
  • Integrates with any existing ticket issuance solution, or provided as a full turn-key solution

Yellow Box Junctions

Advanced video analytics designed to support congestion relief, improved pedestrian safety and relieve hot-spots on the traffic network

  • Superb vehicle detection and recognition accuracy provides highly efficient process and cost-effective outcomes.
  • Improve pedestrian and cyclist safety – less congested intersections resulting in better protection when vehicles and pedestrian road-users meet
  • Encourages driver behaviour change in less than 3months – safety improvements and network efficiency increasing by more than 30%

Banned Turns

Our advanced video analytics detect movement of vehicles in contravention.  These include no entry, no left/right turn, U-turns, wrong way driving etc.

  • Highest detection and accuracy thanks to mature AI vehicle detection and tracking
  • Low false positives ensuring operators only review evidence that can be processed
  • Compliance drives safer outcomes avoiding dangerous maneuvers of vehicles